Why marketers need to pay attention to the Internet of Things

Last week I attended Web Summit, now one of the world’s largest tech conferences.

Most of the talks that I attended were at the digital marketing stage although I did make time to attend talks at the data and analytics stage, the content maker’s stage and design stage.

One of the bigger themes that popped up across each of these stages was Internet of Things (IoT). It’s something that we’ve written about at Econsultancy before but what’s clear is that the Internet of Things is very much just getting started.

Econsultancy’s Marketer’s Guide to the Internet of Things defines IoT as “the connection of physical objects to the internet and thereby to each other and the environment. It promises the potential of a more frictionless world where many decisions and actions are automated to make our lives better and easier.

« To enable this to happen, electronics and software are included in an object giving it an ability to network and communicate with other devices. This holds out the possibility of that object offering enhanced value and service.”

Full paper here

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