The customer experience revolution requires advertising with purpose


Whether you are in marketing and advertising or product design and management, it is impossible to avoid the term ‘customer experience’.

The two words litter agency pitches, vendor websites, trade press and conferences and, increasingly, job titles.

Improving customer experience is not a novel concept, but it has become more important as digital technology has increased competitive pressure in almost every market.

Aaron Dignan, investor and writer, puts it as follows:

« As products and the means to create them have become digitized (often referred to as software eating the world), production capability has grown more accessible and portable.

« And the acceleration of that trend (driven by Moore’s Law) means that every single day it gets easier for someone else to compete with your product or service, and to do it better, faster, and cheaper. »

To provide an illustrative example, online travel agents made it quicker and easier to book a holiday than sitting down with a real person.

Then online travel agents continued to develop more sophisticated booking engines, websites and apps, offering information, personalisation, better pricing and so on (all enabled by advancements in digital technology).

Full article @ Econsultancy

By Ben Davis @ Econsultancy

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