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Well if you don’t know who is James Gaskin and you work with structural equations models with SPSS AMOS, you have definitely missed something! This guy is simply awesome and i love his work !

James holds a youtube channel wich he updates frequently about this topic. He offers for example Bootcamps (accelerated training sessions), and many recordings of his interventions on the subject for free! you can also find datasets to work with and enhance your usage of this method!

He also proposes a bunch ofsmart and handy plugins you can use to make your work easier with SPSS Amos! For example drawing your model directly from the SPSS PCA output! this is really a very cool work that deserves to be praised and encouraged!

Thanks James! you rule 😉

The Statwiki of James: You can see here the outline of his courses, download the datasets and plugins

The Youtube Channel

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