Who brings the money? Algorithmic attribution method rated as most effective by marketers

Image credit to : Datalicious

By Robert Allen

What should be the top 3 priorities for people working in analytics for marketing?

Attribution, Attribution, Attribution. Without attribution, what’s the point of measuring anything? You might be able to say traffic is up, or traffic is down, but you won’t have the slightest idea why, or what to do to change it.

But attribution isn’t easy, it takes a lot of knowledge and some clever tech to get it right. For those looking at improving their existing attribution methods, it is helpful to know what top marketers find the most effective way of achieving accurate attribution.

A new report from AdRoll can go some way to providing the answers. By asking a mix of client-side marketing professionals and agency marketers  (75% in-company, 25 % agency) in the UK, France, and Germany, they discovered what types of attribution marketers found the most effective.

Algorithmic came top of the pack, with a whopping 96% of marketers reporting that it is very or somewhat effective.

The complete article is available here : http://www.smartinsights.com/traffic-building-strategy/media-attribution/algoithmic-attribution-method-rated-effective-marketers-chartoftheday/

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