2016-2018 Research Priorities #MSI

Every two years, the Marketing Science Institute asks every MSI member company Trustee to provide input to help set priorities for the research that will guide our activities for the next few years. These priorities enable MSI to engage in its most critical mission: moving the needle on important marketing problems.

In the 2016-18 priorities, we have tried to retain the « voices » of our members by including their comments and questions. « On the horizon » describes the questions that emerged when we asked our Trustees to imagine critical issues emerging in the not-too-distant marketing future.

2016-2018 Research Priorities

  1. Quantitative models to understand causality, levers, and influence in a complex world

  2. Delivering integrated, real-time, relevant experiences in context

  3. Making sense of changing decision process(es)

  4. New data, new methods, and new skills—how to bring it all together?

  5. Innovation, design, and strategy in an age of disruption

(Download PDF)


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