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31 juillet 2015

Visualisation en temps réel de votre réseau de contacts e-mail #Immersion #MIT#Marketing-Thema

Quels sont vos principaux collaborateurs? comment sont t’il interconnectés? comment se déroule la collaboration dans le temps ? qui vous a présenté le plus de nouveaux contacts? sur quels réseaux travailler en priorité par exemple, qui sont les contacts dits « orphelins », etc… 

Immersion est un projet Bigdata du MIT MEDIA LAB qui permet de visualiser votre réseau d’email (Gmail, Yahoo ou exchange) en temps réel. Plusieurs applications sont possibles, comme le fait d’analyser la coordination des équipes par exemple, la fréquence des flux d’échange, l’identification des individus pivots, etc… Il y’a l’organigramme, mais il y’a surtout l’organisation pratique qui passe souvent par les réseaux informels ou d’affinité. Dans une entreprise, sous réserve d’accord des parties prenantes, ce type d’informations peut être une précieuse ressource pour concevoir des organisations. 

Vous pouvez cliquer sur l’image ci-dessus pour visualiser une démo

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20 juillet 2015

How Some Of The Best Marketers Are Using Analytics To Create A Competitive Advantage #Marketingthema

Two of the hottest topics today, from the classroom to the boardroom, are Big Data and Analytics. There is a recognition that firms that do a better job of collecting, assimilating, analyzing, and using data have a built-in advantage versus their competitors. Yet, if your firm doesn’t have a competency in analytics, it’s difficult to figure out how to create one.

To better understand how companies can become more adept at leveraging analytics to improve decision making, I turned to Gopi Koteeswaran, the CEO at LatentView Analytics, a firm that specializes in helping CMOs at many Fortune 500 companies bridge the gap between the old and new analytics disciplines. What follows is an in-depth look at how best-in-class firms are leveraging the power of analytics to create advantage.

Q: How do you define analytics and how is it different from big data, marketing research, and other related concepts?

Data analytics, simply put, is the use of data to understand your consumer or business better. The data that you need to sort through and analyze can be of different sizes.When there is a lot of it, we call it Big Data.

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20 juillet 2015

The snob effect #Luxury #Veblen_goods #Marketingthema

The snob effect is a phenomenon observable with certain products and services among certain groups of consumers. For example, when a new night club strictly limits who can get in, its exclusivity will have a strong appeal to certain individuals, but if the same night club were to suddenly throw its doors open to the general public, the night club would be completely unappealing to the same individuals.

In microeconomics, the snob effect is a phenomenon referring to the situation where the demand for a certain good by individuals of a higher income level is inversely related to the demand for the good by individuals of a lower income level. This situation is derived by the desire to own unusual, expensive or unique goods. These goods usually have a high economic value, but low practical value. The less of an item available, the higher its snob value. Examples of such items with general snob value are rare works of art, designer clothing, and sports cars. Ultimately, wealthy consumers can be lured by superficial factors such as rarity, celebrity representation and brand prestige. We can also talk about veblen goods to define those kind of goods. (T. Veblen


Sources : Dacko, S. (2007) & Wikipédia

9 juillet 2015

Tous manipulés ! #specimen #RTS #Marketingthema

Vous allez découvrir dans cet étonnant documentaire de la RTS, les techniques de manipulation utilisées au quotidien. Sachez les reconnaître et vous en préserver….

7 juillet 2015

Icarus paradox : Skyrocketing today doesn’t mean the business is safe #Icarus #Paradoxe #Marketingthema

« The Icarus paradox is a neologism coined by Danny Miller in his 1990 book by the same name. The term refers to the phenomenon of businesses failing abruptly after a period of apparent success, where this failure is brought about by the very elements that led to their initial success. It alludes to Icarus of Greek mythology, who drowned after flying too close to the Sun. The failure of the very wings that allowed him to escape imprisonment and soar through the skies was what ultimately led to his demise, hence the paradox ….  »

A nice article from Harvard Business Review on this pradox can be found here written by Freek Vermeulen

7 juillet 2015

The Pygmalion or Rosenthal effect: Study on the Power of Positive Expectations #Psychology #Marketingthema

The Pygmalion effect, or Rosenthal effect, is the phenomenon whereby the greater a wish or thought is makes the thing the person wanted really happens. The effect is named after the Greek myth of Pygmalion, a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved. A corollary of the Pygmalion effect is the golem effect, in which low expectations lead to a decrease in performance; both effects are forms of self-fulfilling prophecy

Source : wikipédia

6 juillet 2015

Academic Digest #Q2_2015: Latest Marketing scientific publications #Marketing-Thema #CNRS

We offer here an Academic Digest with the latest scientific papers in marketing published among the 40 top ranked academic journals. The file offered for download is an excel spreadsheet allowing you to explore the data as you need.

Ranking is based on the French CNRS evaluation (The national scientific research center) for november 2014.

This Excel database will be offered each quarter, the next update will be for September 2015.

Publications Marketing 40 revues classées Juillet 2015

PS: 2 Publications are not considered in this work (IJMR & Decisions Marketing).

Happy exploration!

Yassine El Bouchikhi

6 juillet 2015

C’est l’oligarchie financière qu’il faut combattre #Re-Publication de soutien à l’institut #Schiller #Marketingthema

Les BRICS nous permettront d’établir une paix durable

Message de Jean Verstappen, ancien sénateur, président de la Fraternelle royale Général Patton 11e Bataillon de Fusiliers, secrétaire de « Rencontres pour la Paix », Belgique.

Chers participants,

Je regrette beaucoup que ma santé ne me permette pas d’être parmi vous aujourd’hui, mais je vous envoie mes salutations les plus chaleureuses, et je vous souhaite un grand succès pour cette conférence.

Face au danger croissant d’une guerre mondiale, l’alternative proposée par les pays des BRICS, basée sur le respect mutuel, la coopération et le développement économique, doit nous permettre d’établir une paix durable.

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