Marketing academia : who is hiring and where? #2014_2015 #6insights #Phd #MarketingThema

Here is an analysis of Marketing positions published in the website between Feb 13, 2014 and May 23, 2015. The aim of this analysis, is to help marketers understand what positions are proposed, when and where. This work can help community to identify most active universities in hiring, what kind of positions are trending, and identify the most promising countries in the field. We joined an excel file containing « Top Hiring Universities By Country »

*This study doesn’t pretend to be a complete view of the job market, it is a slice of reality … 😉

Total ads analysed 624, for 993 types of positions offered

Wich monthsInsight 1: May and June are the best months for candidating, we see also a soaring period during september and october were many offers are published…. if you are looking for a job, this is the right moment to try …. the year 2015 is not yet completed but we observe a soaring number of job offers during the first semester of 2015.

Jobs offered per adInsight 2: Most of the time (83%), the universities are proposing 1 to 2 positions per ad. Generally, few universities are using « grouped hiring ».

What positionsInsight 3: Universities were essentially looking for assistant positions and associate.  28 positions for visiting were offered in 2014, there is still effort to do in this area for scientific exchange (18 offers were made in the USA, followed by 4 positions in China, and 4 visiting in Canada).

TOP Jobs Platform  Insight 4 : The most used sources online for publication are AMA and Higher Ed jobs. Most avtive countries Insight 5: The share of lion belongs to US universities that represent more than 76% of job offers. Followed by China (3.8%) and Canada (2.9%) and some European universities (UK, France, Turkey & Germany).

TOP active universitiesInsight 6 : University of Lewis, West virginia university and Indiana university were the TOP 3 most active recruiters for the considered period of this study.

We offer you to download here in Excel format:

Top Hiring Universities By Country for 2014-2015 (.xls)

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