2014 Top Tier Marketing Research Journals Digest #Marketing-Thema

What where the topics covered by JM, JMR, MS and RAM in 2014 ?

2014 JM Customer Complaints and Recovery Effectiveness: A Customer Base Approach
2014 JM An Examination of Social Influence on Shopper Behavior Using Video Tracking Data
2014 JM Customer Orientation Structure for Internet-Based Business-to-Business Platform Firms
2014 JM Footprints in the Sands of Time: A Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Customer Satisfaction and Customer– Company Identification over Time
2014 JM Ideological Challenges to Changing Strategic Orientation in Commodity Agriculture
2014 JM Managing Customer and Organizational Complexity in Sales Organizations
2014 JM Willing to Pay More, Eager to Pay Less: The Role of Customer Loyalty in Price Negotiations
2014 JM Bringing “Place” Back In: Regional Clusters, Project Governance, and New Product Outcomes
2014 JM Know Your Customer: How Salesperson Perceptions of Customer Relationship Quality Form and Influence Account Profitability
2014 JM Cause Marketing Effectiveness and the Moderating Role of Price Discounts
2014 JM Managing Revenue Across Retail Channels: The Interplay of Service Performance and Direct Marketing
2014 JM The Role of Culture in International Relationship Marketing
2014 JM Looking Beyond the Horizon: How to Approach the Customers’ Customers in Business-to-Business Markets
2014 JM The Influence of Initial Possession Level on Consumers’ Adoption of a Collection Goal: A Tipping Point Effect
2014 JM Place the Logo High or Low? Using Conceptual Metaphors of Power in Packaging Design
2014 JM Green Claims and Message Frames: How Green New Products Change Brand Attitude
2014 JMR Social Networks, Personalized Advertising, and Privacy Controls
2014 JMR Driving Online and Offline Sales: The Cross-Channel Effects of Traditional, Online Display, and Paid Search Advertising
2014 JMR Information Asymmetry and Hybrid Advertising
2014 JMR The Role of Chief Marketing Officers for Venture Capital Funding: Endowing New Ventures with Marketing Legitimacy
2014 JMR Lay Rationalism: Individual Differences in Using Reason Versus Feelings to Guide Decisions
2014 JMR Multiple Reference Points in Sequential Hedonic Evaluation: An Empirical Analysis
2014 JMR Internet Versus Television Advertising: A Brand-Building Comparison
2014 JMR Measuring and Managing a Salesperson’s Future Value to the Firm
2014 MS Erratum to “Optimal Reverse-Pricing Mechanisms” by Martin Spann, Robert Zeithammer, and Gerald Häubl
2014 MS Risk Preferences and Demand Drivers of Extended Warranties
2014 MS Consumer Dynamic Usage Allocation and Learning Under Multipart Tariffs
2014 MS A Dynamic Model of Entry and Exit in a Growing Industry
2014 MS Valuing Customer Portfolios with Endogenous Mass and Direct Marketing Interventions Using a Stochastic Dynamic Programming Decomposition
2014 MS Invited Paper—Even the Rich Can Make Themselves Poor: A Critical Examination of IV Methods in Marketing Applications
2014 MS Signaling Through Pricing by Service Providers with Social Preferences
2014 MS Assessing the Influence of Economic and Customer Experience Factors on Service Purchase Behaviors
2014 MS The Bright Side of Loss Aversion in Dynamic and Competitive Markets
2014 MS Usage Experience with Decision Aids and Evolution of Online Purchase Behavior
2014 MS Learning from Experience, Simply
2014 MS Predicting Customer Value Using Clumpiness: From RFM to RFMC
2014 MS Estimating a Model of Strategic Network Choice: The Convenience-Store Industry in Okinawa
2014 MS Synergy or Interference: The Effect of Product Placement on Commercial Break Audience Decline
2014 MS Why Do Salespeople Spend So Much Time Lobbying for Low Prices?
2014 MS Learning About New Technologies Through Social Networks: Experimental Evidence on Nontraditional Stoves in Bangladesh
2014 MS Competitor Orientation and the Evolution of Business Markets
2014 MS Why, When, and How Much to Entertain Consumers in Advertisements? A Web-Based Facial Tracking Field Study
2014 MS Models of Sequential Evaluation in Best-Worst Choice Tasks
2014 MS Focus on Authors
2014 MS The Buffer Effect: The Role of Color When Advertising Exposures Are Brief and Blurred
2014 MS Strategic Loyalty Reward in Dynamic Price Discrimination
2014 MS Sell Probabilistic Goods? A Behavioral Explanation for Opaque Selling
2014 MS Design Innovativeness and Product Sales’ Evolution
2014 MS Untangling Searchable and Experiential Quality Responses to Counterfeits
2014 MS Organizational Structure and Gray Markets
2014 MS The Reach and Persuasiveness of Viral Video Ads
2014 MS Effect of Customer-Centric Structure on Long-Term Financial Performance
2014 RAM Cultural perspectives of marketing research for sustainable development in developing countries
2014 RAM Recycling household waste: A classification of the logistics used by consumers
2014 RAM The answer is sustainable marketing, when the question is: What can we do?
2014 RAM The effectiveness of conscious pricing in promoting social sustainability
2014 RAM Is more always better? Counter-intuitive effects in consumer assessment of environmental product attributes
2014 RAM Editorial: Institutionalization of sustainable development and emergence of sustainable marketing
2014 RAM Viewing recycling’s long-term sustainability through the prism of the internet?
2014 RAM Socio-environmental multi-labelling and consumer willingness to pay
JM Journal of Marketing
JMR Journal of Marketing Research
MS Marketing Science
RAM Recherche et Applications Marketing (English edition) France

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