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Journal Selections from MSI (September 2014)

Curated knowledge from the leading marketing journals.

Features ten impactful articles from International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Marketing Science

Even Loyal Customers Write Fake Reviews

About 5% of reviews on a retailer’s website were submitted by actual customers of the firm who had not purchased the product.

The Sales Impact of Online Word of Mouth

The quality and relevance of a message is more important than the number of times it is shown.

Consumers Panels Can Be Better Than Experts at Predicting Good Ideas

Predictions with samples as small as 20 consumers were found to be reliable.

How Effective Are Mobile Display Ads?

Ads boosted attitude and purchase intentions only for products that were both higher involvement and utilitarian.

Useful Products and Social Sharing

Can marketers of utilitarian products successfully tap into viral marketing? Not necessarily.

The Dangers of Prioritizing Customers

Marketers need to encourage customer gratitude, but avoid creating feelings of entitlement.

Can Social Data Improve Marketers’ Predictions?

Social data are useful alone and complement demographic and behavioral predictors.

New Product Exclusivity May Not Be a Good Thing

Exclusivity arrangements don’t allow sellers to capitalize on positive word of mouth from rival customers.

Mixed Effects of Discounts on Consumer Enjoyment

Do price promotions enhance or diminish consumer enjoyment? It all depends on timing.

Does Retailer CSR Enhance Behavioral Loyalty?

Grocery retailer study makes the case for benefit segmentation.

New Tools and Methods for Marketers

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