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28 février 2014

JMR, and the Challenges Facing Marketing #2014 #Meyer #JMR #Marketingthema

Robert Meyer- JMR – Wharton School of Business

This editorial is a master piece when looking to the core message and actions to be taken. One of the best ranked and respected academic journals in marketing, is calling to bridge quickly the Gap between academic research and marketing practice. Although this is not a recent subject, but there is a pressant and urgent need to structure research about this question :

How can we narrow the gap between academic research & marketing practice ?

The editor is citing for example the recent initiatives that stress on this issue, from Harvard, Columbia & London business school. The editorial proposes some interesting actions that other peer reviewed journals should follow.

Good reading, this is an important editorial by it’s key message !

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28 février 2014

L’éthique et l’impact social des choix marketing est primordial ! De La Drogue Dans Nos Assiettes

Il devient plus que nécessaire de prendre conscience

et allier bénéfices, éthique et durable ! un modèle ou tout le monde gagne ! 

26 février 2014

Do you care about your e-reputation ? #Marketingthema

25 février 2014

Prédictions 2014 : quels seront les logiciels et applications de demain? #Marketingthema

25 février 2014

Content Marketing versus Tradtional Advertising #Marketingthema

Source : Marketo

25 février 2014

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014 #Marketingthema #Gartner Research

Each year, Gartner compiles a list of the top technology trends that have the potential to affect individuals, businesses and IT organizations during the next three years. For the second consecutive year, the Nexus of Forces — mobile, social, cloud and information — permeates most of Gartner’s Top 10 list as it continues to drive change and create new opportunities.

Featured Research

  • The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014
  • Gartner has compiled its annual list of the top 10 strategic technology trends that have the potential to disrupt individuals, businesses and IT organizations. This year’s list highlights the disruptive impact of the Nexus of Forces: mobile, social, cloud and information.

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24 février 2014

StatSoft Webinar: Saving Your Customers with #Churn Analysis #Attrition #Marketingthema

24 février 2014

Today’s Marketing Challenges and Opportunities #Marketingthema

24 février 2014

Defend clean values & keep advancing with confidence #Marketingthema

Believe in your potential & set excellence as your goal !

24 février 2014

Panel Data Models in SAS #Marketingthema

24 février 2014

How email marketing is evolving 2014 ? #Forrester Research #Marketingthema

Hear Guest Forrester Research analyst Shar VanBoskirk describe how email marketing is evolving, and what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve. You kno.

Matt Fagioli & Steve Pacinelli webinar on Email Marketing.

22 février 2014

Digitalization of the Enterprise, 2013 #Gartner #Marketingthema

21 février 2014

The future of shopping #Marketingthema #Prospective

20 février 2014

Intel Digital Memory Mirror To Change Retail Experience

Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) is Changing Retail and Fashion
Retail-based technologies are a huge part of the IoT possibilities. Today’s shoppers want to enjoy an engaging and seamless buying experience, regardless of where they are or what device they are using. The Intel® Core™ i7-based MemoryMirror™ full-length, digital « mirror, » allows store shoppers to virtually try on multiple outfits, and view and compare previous looks on the mirror or via smartphone or tablet

20 février 2014

Wharton Marketing Metrics: Linking Marketing to Financial Consequence #Marketingthema

The Wharton Marketing Metrics program provides marketing and finance executives with the knowledge they need to accurately measure the effectiveness of marketing expenditures. Participants learn to assess short-term and long-term implications of marketing strategies by evaluating intangible assets such as brand and customer satisfaction, analyzing the potential financial impact of marketing expenditures, and discovering how to effectively allocate a marketing budget