Comment benchmarker votre score de satisfaction avec votre secteur ? #Marketingthema

The American Customer Satisfaction Index provides unique customer experience benchmarking capabilities that come from the Index’s one-of-a-kind, cross-industry structure. For nearly two decades, the ACSI has used its science-based, proprietary methodology to analyze customer satisfaction for 10 economic sectors and more than 40 key industries that together represent a broad swath of the national economy.

This consistent, reliable, and precise approach means customer satisfaction benchmarks as produced by the ACSI are comparable across all sectors, industries, companies, and time periods in the Index. No other measure in the United States offers both competitive and cross-industry customer experience benchmarking.

Competitive Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking

ACSI’s published customer satisfaction scores are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to analyzing the total customer experience. The ACSI model, used to produce results for all companies and industries in the Index, embeds customer satisfaction within a series of cause-and-effect relationships. ACSI clients gain access to in-depth perspectives for their own company as well as for industry peers and competitors, which gives them strategic insights into their organization’s customer relationships and its competitive stance in the marketplace.

For select industries, the ACSI measures up to 10 added elements of the customer experience relevant to each industry’s products or services. These touch points include website and call center satisfaction, along with countless factors such as battery life for cell phones, seat comfort for airlines, or speed of service for restaurants.

Cross-Industry Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking

The ACSI is the only national customer satisfaction measure that enables organizations to benchmark their own customer satisfaction results with firms in other industries—and to do so with the confidence that results are consistent, reliable, and proven over time. As such, the ACSI offers clients a highly respected resource for looking outside their own industry’s box to identify and benchmark with best-practice organizations in any of ACSI’s 40+ industries.

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