19 avril 2020

Upcoming marketing conferences deadlines & call for chapters (updated)

By Yassine El Bouchikhi 

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18 juin 2021

Привет прекрасная #россия🇷🇺

17 juin 2021

Dr. Samuel Westwood: Reimagining scientific publishing | #ModernResearchNeedsReform #PurposeDrivenResearch_NotSpectaclePapers

16 juin 2021

Då Som Nu För Alltid (Then As Now Forever), The ‘Replication crisis’ won’t be solved with broad brushstrokes

By David Peterson

Alarm about a ‘replication crisis’ launched a wave of projects that aimed to quantitatively evaluate scientific reproducibility: statistical analyses, mass replications and surveys. Such efforts, collectively called metascience, have grown into a social movement advocating broad reforms: open-science mandates, preregistration of experiments and new incentives for careful research. It has drawn attention to the need for improvements, and caused rancour.

Philosophers, historians and sociologists no longer accept a single, unified definition of science. Instead, they document how scientists in different fields have developed unique practices of producing, communicating and evaluating evidence, guided loosely by a set of shared values. However, this diversity and underlying scholarship are often overlooked by metascience activists.

Read the full article from the source: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01509-7

14 juin 2021

Ça bouge dans le marketing digital ! [Anne Césard]

9 juin 2021

Majority of marketing departments now use agile according to Forrester & Sherpa Marketing 2021 report

AgileSherpas and Forrester just released their new State of Agile Marketing 2021 report, and it reveals that agile marketing continue to gain momentum. Agile marketing adoption jumped another ten percentage points this year (up from 41% last year).

You can read and download the full report at Agilesherpas

9 juin 2021

The 2021 Global Learning Landscape by HolonIQ! The future of Education Technologies! #EdTech is evolving fast

Source: https://www.holoniq.com/

8 juin 2021

Les positions de la France au Maghreb se dégradent dangereusement [Alexandre Mirlicourtois]

7 juin 2021

Coherence or correspondence? What truths are we seeking in reproducibility? | Prof Stephen Senn

6 juin 2021

Dedollarisation & the demise of the Petrodollar monetary system? #TrendsToMonitor

4 juin 2021

Icarus was probably a beautiful myth invented to deter idealists from flying high! Any control system invents rules, false beliefs and phony idols for the masses to keep them inside the enclosure of obedience #CulturalHegemony #MentalMaps

Book: Seven Sacred Cows of Academia

To download the book: Seven Sacred Cows of Academia

BonusPaul Meehl’s impromptu remarks about the Seven Sacred Cows, and revelation of his personal sacred cow.

Realizing he probably would never finish this book, Meehl had begun to consider a shorter piece outlining the basic idea—“Short Cows” as we came to call it. By late 2001, macular degeneration had made reading and writing impossible. One day I suggested he try dictating the “Short Cows” paper he had long talked about. Captured from that dictation, here are his initial (to set the stage) and then closing remarks to Val, his transcriber. (The outline itself was slow, incomplete, and has been deleted). To explain his struggle to remember “file, file, file!” at the very end: Over the years Paul had been nudged through upgrades in technology, from Dictabelts to cassettes to a digital recorder. The concept of a computer file was still new to him, but obviously he was catching on.  —Leslie J. Yonce-Meehl


2 juin 2021

The Open Research Lifecycle

1 juin 2021

The Advantages of Starting with Theory: Addressing the Issue of HARKing

May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'Nicole Barbaro @NicoleBarbaro. 1m 1. Collect data 2. P hack 3. HARK 4. Publish 5. Build a theory" 6. Be angry at replication attempts a decade later Will Gervais @wgervais 4h What are the steps of the scientific method, wrong answers only? Show this thread 2 ↑'
28 mai 2021

The first 10 minutes are gold and prove all the waste and meaninglessness that characterizes some current academic research! Publish or perish is a failing model #ValuelessResearchIsDishonesty

26 mai 2021

Prof. Stephen Curry | DORA: re-thinking and re-engineering what we value in research

24 mai 2021

Interpreting replications by Dr Jill Jacobson