19 avril 2020

Upcoming marketing conferences deadlines & call for chapters (updated)

By Yassine El Bouchikhi 

Sources used: 

  • Conference alerts
  • AFM marketing
  • EMAC
24 mai 2020

Eid Mubarak! May Allah accept the good deeds and bless us all by his eternal grace!

19 mai 2020

God bless Palestine #FlyTheFlag #QudsDay2020 #PalestineWillBeFree #MoroccansStandWithPalestine

Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine


19 mai 2020

Conducting a meta-analysis in #SPSS & #R

19 mai 2020

Process mining or the analysis of business processes based on event logs

17 mai 2020

What is the reproducibility crisis? How bad is it? What can be done about it and what has been done about it?

You can read Prof Bishop’s comment for Nature magazine (which is mentioned in the video) here:


17 mai 2020

A Replication Crisis! Curation and simplicity is the future! Our world is saturated with bullshit. Learn to detect and defuse it.

Calling Bullshit: The Art of Scepticism in a Data-Driven World
Book by Carl Bergstrom and Jevin D. West

Watch the full series here! 

16 mai 2020

Will they launch a war on #iran to save the #Petrodollar? Will a ‘limited conflict’ push for a higher oil price, propel the international demand for the dollar again and allow the FED to continue printing trillions?

Will the ‘ruling elites’ launch a war on #Iran in a desperate move to save the #Petrodollar and create an artificial shortage of oil? Will they risk a global conflict also to advance their hidden Zionist eschatological agenda? Is Israel going to start the provocation via a nuclear strike on Iran? I believe YES!  I don’t know when, but i m convinced it will happen…

Such a foolish action will INEVITABLY trigger World War 3! Iran can bomb all the petro dollar Oil infrastructures in the region and send the U.S dollar to oblivion forever, causing a total collapse of all FIAT currencies worldwide! This means massive economic collapse worldwide, runaway inflation, famines of biblical proportions, social unrest, revolutions,etc.! This is THE REAL REASON why they know it’s a very dangerous game  and they can’t control the consequences of such an attack! 

 We know it starts as a conventional war, but it will very quickly escalate to a nuclear conflict!

The persistent warmongering is putting all humanity at risk and i don’t expect lame stream media (left or right) to tell people these truths! 



Iran is 22nd in scientific publications, so why the Orwellian controlled media is not showing that? 

Source: https://www.scimagojr.com/countryrank.php

Iran is in the TOP 20 for world innovations and patents!

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Intellectual_Property_Indicators

15 mai 2020

This is why I tell myself that I can always do better and improve my lectures. I’m so grateful to my students!

14 mai 2020

Future Nostalgia: The Impact of Coronavirus on Consumer Trends &Truths – Anne Rivers & Peter Horst #MSI

11 mai 2020

Overview of online course: Moderation, Mediation, & Conditional Process Analysis by Andrew F. Hayes

11 mai 2020

Bailing out Wall Street and screwing Main Street! The Next Black Swan Event: Adam Baratta

The world monetary system fate in one picture! 

Adam Baratta is one of the most dynamic voices in the field of investments and precious metals today. A former award-winning screenwriter, director, and producer. Adam has turned his passions to the investment industry and the pendulum shift he sees coming as inflationary pressures return to the global economy. Adam is the co-owner of Advantage Gold, the highest-rated precious metals firm in the United States, and a member of the Inc. 5000. In this video, Adam talks about the four key components he uses to predict the future of financial assets and impending market crashes. Those components are:

  • *Populism
  • *The Wealth Gap
  • *Tariffs
  • *Asset Bubbles

10 mai 2020

Conducting Network Analysis in R! A statistical approach that allows for the examination of how components of a network are related to one another.

10 mai 2020

Webinar: Theory and Practice of Bayesian Inference Using JASP

10 mai 2020

Marketing Analytics – An Introduction to Model Training and Validation

10 mai 2020

Happy Victory Day! And thank you to the USSR and then for the allies for defeating Nazism! History can not be rewritten with movies!

Raising a Flag over the Reichstag is an iconic World War II photograph, taken during the Battle of Berlin on 2 May 1945! The soviets were the first to put their flag over the Reichstag building! Moreover, the soviets were the first to liberate prisoners from the concentration camps! 

The Soviet Red Army defeated Nazism « The main engine of Nazism’s destruction. » Max Hastings, Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945. Here are some facts about World War 2: 

  • Throughout most of WWII, the US and UK faced just 10 German divisions combined. The Soviets alone fought more than 200 German divisions.
  • Over 80% of Nazi casualties were on the Eastern front, thanks to the Soviet Red Army.
  • The Nazis lost 1 million soldiers on the Western front; they lost 6 million on the Eastern front.

Now look to how the cinema industry in Hollywood, the mainstream media distorted the perception and minds of people in 75 years of brainwashing! Look how the public opinion shifted from facts to believing myths and cinema storytelling … This is a real marketing research topic! How can people swallow propaganda easily and be passive without checking facts? Is it because it gives them a false sentiment of pride? Is it because it fits their perception of the world and their mental network of beliefs? How can you trust an entertainment film more than a book or historical research? This is fascinating and very dangerous ….

We live in an age of awesome deception where perception is totally distorted! People navigate this world with ‘corrupt mental maps’ built on false narratives, myths and beliefs!

The masses are the result of decades of mainstream media propaganda, a distorted movie industry, a system of education discouraging critical thinking, and their own laziness and passivity etc…  It’s never a bad idea to double check everything to make sure you have the correct ‘mental map’! I can give countless examples of similar lies that i see on a daily basis! There is corruption of facts everywhere, so pay attention to what you swallow!


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