25 janvier 2022

Humanity lives in a Dystopian Surveillance Capitalism! #ARIIA #DigitalGitmo🔇 #G@F@M

« When truth is not free, freedom is not true. » Jacques Prevert

19 avril 2020

Upcoming marketing conferences deadlines & call for chapters (updated)

By Yassine El Bouchikhi 

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27 janvier 2022

JM Webinar: Augmented Reality in Retail and Its Impact on Sales

The rise of augmented reality (AR) technology presents marketers with promising opportunities to engage customers and transform their brand experience. While companies are keen to invest in AR, research documenting its real-world impact is sparse. This study outlines four broad uses of the technology in retail settings: to entertain customers, educate customers, help them evaluate product fit, and enhance the post-purchase consumption experience. The researchers focus specifically on the use of AR to facilitate product evaluation prior to purchase and investigate its impact on sales in online retail and share findings from their research. Journal of Marketing Webinar: January 25, 2022 Featured Speakers: Yong-Chin Tan (City University of Hong Kong) and Srinivas K. Reddy (Singapore Management University)

Full Journal of Marketing article: https://doi.org/10.1177/0022242921995449

27 janvier 2022

Panem et circenses ⚽🍟🎉

Ci-dessous un passage prophetique de Mr. Mondialisation qui anticipe avec lucidite l’evolution de la societe de consommation vers plus de totalitarisme tout en l’occupant a coup de divertissements et de sports !

« Car j’aime le sécuritarisme et la rectitude. … Par conséquent, je trouve acceptable d’etre cerné de caméras et de forces militaires, puisque je suis un citoyen modèle conforme à la norme. J’envisage même de me faire placer un implant dans la main, on n’est jamais trop prudent. Oui, je suis prêt à sacrifier beaucoup de libertés contre un peu de sécurité….

Le système est à l’agonie, personne ne le conteste. Il faut donc redoubler d’effort, travailler dur, bien consommer, et exploiter la moindre opportunité de croissance. Dans ce sens, je trouve que l’idée de débloquer des fonds publics à destination de compagnies privées est une idée brillantissime. Ce n’est pas comme si l’Europe subissait une crise de la dette publique. Et puis, l’argent ne sera pas jeté par les fenêtres. Il sera avant tout donner à des sociétés privées qui en feront bénéificier toute la société en créant des emplois grassement rémunérés. Eboueurs, prostituées, stewarts, caissiers chez Mac Do. La plupart de ces entreprises sont très soucieuses des conditions de travailFaire vivre une poignée de sportifs dans le luxe pendant 3 semaines, ça n’a pas de prix. Car le consumérisme est le fondement de notre société. Consommer c’est la vie, je ne vais pas vous l’apprendre… Le fruit de la liberté des plus pauvres à offrir leur temps de vie aux puissants« 

27 janvier 2022

While the brightest minds are running away from consumerism through minimalism, slow culture and frugality, the culturally backward part of our globe continue to believe that such a model is the Holy Grail : it’s a dead end! #PostModernity

« We want your soul

Tell us your habits, your facts, your fears
Give us your address, your shoe size, your years
Your digits, your plans, your number, your eyes
Your schedule, your desktop, your details, your life
Show us your children, your photos, your home
Here, take credit, take insurance, take a loan
Get a job, get a pension, get a haircut, get a suit
Play the lottery, play football, play the field, sports on two »

You can click on the picture to watch the video on Youtube
26 janvier 2022

Les biais cognitifs – Interview d’Albert Moukheiber | Questionnons nous regulierement les sources de nos perceptions, nos heuristiques, cartes mentales, l’influence de l’ecosysteme informationnel dominant ?

File:Cognitive bias codex en.svg

Une bonne theorie ou une reflexion intellectuelle de qualite peut etre evaluee principalement au vu de sa capacite a predire correctement les actions futures aupres de nouveaux acteurs ou situations (validite externe), qui se greffe bien au reseau d’idees et autres concepts (validite nomologique) et enfin, en verifiant l’absence de biais dans la selection et la construction du dispositif informationnel (validite interne). Si on obtient une theorie economique, politique ou culturelle qui s’ajuste bien a ces criteres, alors accrochez vous, meme si le monde entier vous dit elle est invraisemblable, complotiste, ou indesirable.

26 janvier 2022

Only one western country ranks among the Top10 of those who receive refugees! Deception, is to invert that reality and make media HYPE📺 more convincing than FACTS📊! Congratulations to the atlanticist news ecosystem which offers us a masterful lesson on positioning in marketing🥳🐄🐑

It’s not important who you are, what matters is how you are perceived!

One may ask after seeing this exhibit, where is the USA? Great Britain? France? etc.
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26 janvier 2022

Generation Lobotomy: imposing the materialistic values as the only possible norm, societal model & human aspiration? #Westoxification

Top languages used in the Internet content

At a time when our children are taking their first steps in life by learning via computer screens and tablets, what cultural values, perceptions and social codes are transmitted to them when we see that the Arabic language accounts for less than 1% of internet content? An important concept in consumer behavior is that of vicarious learning. Like animals, humans imitate situations through observation to socialize, to behave or to react in everyday situations. What is shown on the screens through permanent repetitions and seductive staging ends up leaving the entertainment world to find itself in our streets. Isn’t that the perfect example of the spectacle society concept theorized by Baudrillard? The fashion and cultural industries are prime examples of how American Rap music video culture ended up on the streets where television functioned as a massive brainwashing device to make young people want to copy gangsters as their « idols ».

With the forced westernization of the world (I will gladly use the expression Westoxification of the author Jalal Al-e-Ahmad), we are undergoing and forced to comply with a strange system of values, which tends towards more societal decadence, non-sense and a totalitarian conception of cultural world which tends to be imposed on billions worldwide without a counter-discourse to decode it and prove it’s deceptive nature. This is the most sophisticated form of neo-colonialism, where the targets are the ignorant and non culturally immunized brains. We see that the world is headed towards the same direction of « forced cultural conformity and uniformity » to match the western centered views. Otherwise, any resistance of rejection of such a process is portrayed as a threat and form of heretic views. Here is a short intervention of the brilliant French Jewish ethnographer Claude Lévi-Strauss who did the same observation about the « cultural genocide » happening worldwide. Cultural diversity is not limited to external signs like the Mexican poncho and the Moroccan tajine, it is above all about conceptions of the world, values, how we see the future, what interpretations we make of its dynamics and towards what horizons we aspire. The Western or Israeli dream is fine for Westerners and Israelis, but it becomes a cultural nightmare when other cultures are forced to share the same dream.

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25 janvier 2022

The power of combinatorial innovation and 4 other lessons on the journey to 1,000 apps

HubSpot App Ecosystem (January 2022)

Today, HubSpot announced a milestone of more than 1,000 integrated apps featured in the app marketplace for its CRM platform. The call to better integrate martech is being heard.

As you may know, I joined HubSpot a little over four years ago to help grow its platform ecosystem. So I’m delighted to see this momentum build. And I feel like it’s still in the early stages of what it will become. A huge “thank you” to all of our partners driving this forward.

But for this blog, which I try to keep agnostic about the larger industry, I thought this might be a good moment to reflect on what I’ve learned along the way in this mission to better integrate martech. I think these five lessons apply to most marketing platforms.

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25 janvier 2022

The billionaire Ray Dalio Says U.S. in Decline as China Rises! #PrintMore? #GoToWar?

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25 janvier 2022

Is there an ongoing debt & global energy crisis as predicted in the novel Atlas Shrugged & the Meadows Report? Learn about the World 3 Model published in the #LimitsOfGrowth

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25 janvier 2022

The atlanto-zionist axis which arms & assists the Zio-motivated war on Yemen has the blood of the innocent Yemeni civilians on it’s hands! This war on behalf of Israel is spiraling out of control and it has to stop! #RestoreArabiaFelix

Yemen who was once called « Arabia Felix » or « Arabie Chanceuse » by the Greeks and Romans because of the area’s pleasant climate and reputed riches in agricultural products and in spices, is now a land of chaos, hunger and insecurity. My western friends have to understand that this is not another Arab war, obscure oriental chaos or sectarian conflict, this is a Zionist proxy war waged on a Yemeni nation because it refuses to be a zio-obedient land and join the upcoming Pax-Judaica.

Destroying all the middle east and the Arab world to make it Israelo-compatible will yield no positive outcomes, because 88% of the arabs reject normalization with Israel. So installing zio-servile puppet regimes will never stabilize these nations, it will only bring more havoc, latent insurrections and instability because the masses refuse the Zionist order.

25 janvier 2022

The Digital Services Act, which was first introduced in 2020, will prohibit platforms like Google, Amazon, and Facebook-owned by Meta- from utilizing sensitive information like sexual orientation, race, or religion for targeted advertising.

24 janvier 2022

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2020): Martech 5000 — really 8,000, but who’s counting?

Martech Landscape 2020 - Martech 5000

Welcome to the 2020 edition of the marketing technology landscape.

Yes, it grew once again, by 13.6%, up to a total of 8,000 martech solutions.

That’s after 615 from the 2019 landscape went away, either consolidated with another martech company or simply gone defunct. If you were predicting consolidation, an 8.7% churn rate from one year to the next is pretty significant attrition to support that narrative.

But the rate of new venture creation — or at least new venture discovery in our research — outpaced the forces of consolidation once again. In fact, if we first remove the 615 from last year’s 7,040 count, then the growth of new entries on the landscape was actually 24.5%.

Think about that: 1 in 5 of the solutions on this year’s martech landscape weren’t there last year. That’s almost the equivalent of the entire 2015 marketing technology landscape.

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24 janvier 2022

La nebuleuse France-Afrique serait t’elle entrain d’eclater a vue d’oeil ? Apres le Mali, voici le Burkina Faso ?! 🤷‍♂️🌍 Amities pour la patrie de Thomas Sankara! PanAfricanisme, L’Afrique c’est le futur

Ce qui m’etonne le plus quand j’ai essaye de suivre un peu les informations sur ce qui se passe, c’est de trouver majoritairement l’avis de la chaine d’etat francaise « France 24 » qui assure la couverture avec « sa version » des evenements en cours. Cela montre l’etendue du travail intellectuel/culturel que les africains doivent mener pour etre visibles, faire entendre leur voix et ecrire leur propre recit.

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24 janvier 2022

An excellent Aljazeera documentary entitled « The Evening of Raids » which confirms the shadow war, permanent invasive surveillance and baseless accusations against independent Muslim intellectuals/thinkers living in some western countries

To sum-up it up, if you are a Muslim, you better be silent, dumb and submissive. A simple tweet, Facebook post, social activity or an opinion can put you on terror/radicalization watchlists without even knowing it with all the consequences it entails! They don’t even need evidence or reliable proof for it, all it takes is to get reported by a zealous, malicious or incompetent service and that’s it. Welcome to Inquisition 2.0🔇 where any opinion that questions or doesn’t match the desired narrative is flagged as a thought crime.

An excellent documentary that shows how fake intelligence watchlists are listing innocent people without them knowing it, corrupt information transmitted without control of it’s accuracy. Flagging anti-Zionist intellectuals without evidence by the Israelis (because denouncing Israel makes you a Nazi according to their moto!🤡 Academics are silenced in most of the western hemisphere). Let alone when it comes from some of their vassal Arab dictatorships (they don’t like citizens with critical thinking who dare to question/disagree with their pro Zionist allegiances)!

It’s happening because the real objective is to stain and intimidate those who don’t bow down to the Zionist ideology. The real project was never to wage war on terrorism, radicalism or violence, but to silence independent thinkers who denounced dictatorships and exposed the real vicious wars where the atlanto-zionist axis used terror groups to attack sovereign nations like Syria or Libya to serve the Zionist interests and make the Arab world Israeli-compatible even if the indigenous populations disagree. One day all these documents will be declassified and show the extent of lies and oppression happening in the atlanto-zionist axis and it’s sphere of influence.

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