19 avril 2020

Upcoming marketing conferences deadlines & call for chapters (updated)

By Yassine El Bouchikhi 

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  • AFM marketing
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16 janvier 2021

Feeling the pressure of publish or perish? 85% of research efforts are wasted according to reports! #CredibilityIsTheKey

16 janvier 2021

The Petro-dollar paper monetary advantage is the last cord that holds America together! All it takes is a war in the Middle East, or the launch of a Chinese/Russian currency backed by gold and this monetary mystification is over!

All the Petro-dollar monetary system is fake! Hence, all the Fiat currency systems connected to the dollar are going to collapse! This is what they mean by the great reset! Printing paper to enslave people and all this fake architecture is coming to an end! Anyone who believes in an all-powerful atlanto-zionist axis with endless forces misreads the reality of the world! We must separate appearance from reality! Everything is just a huge financial/media hoax that comes to an end! This is why I am among those who are not impressed by the Atlantist axis, because I understand where it comes from, the current situation and where it is heading!

15 janvier 2021

DOIGT D’OR DE LA MEILLEURE PUBLICITÉ ( PRIX DU PUBLIC ) – 8e Cérémonie des Doigts d’Or #2021 #Votez :)

15 janvier 2021

Prediction Consensus: What the Experts See Coming in 2021 by #visualcapitalist

Source: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/2021-predictions-consensus-experts/

13 janvier 2021

Xerfi Canal – Best of December 2020

13 janvier 2021

Une fois qu’on comprend la nature de ce systeme on voit clairement sa direction et ses objectifs! #Eschatologie #Consumerisme #Decadence #OrdreMaterielMarchand

Sous un angle spirituel et philosophique, nous vivons bien dans l’ordre qui corrompt tout ce qu’il touche et qui annonce l’apparition d’un antichrist apres la guerre mondiale annoncee contre la Russie, monde musulman et Chine pour realiser le projet messianique atlanto sioniste! Ce n’est ni du hasard historique, ni du conspirationisme ni de la science fiction! C’est bel et bien le suivi fidele d’un agenda eschatologique en cours!

12 janvier 2021

#SpectacleSociety #SocieteDuFutile #TheyWantYourSoul #SimulacraAndSimulation التفاهة في كل مكان.. مراجعة كتاب رحلة الدجال الناعمة

There is something deeply disturbing, decadent and sick in the society of the image! This culture is taking millions of people from commodification of their life and body on Instagram to the next logical step by maybe landing on Onlyfans! Because the philosophy of the show must always deliver higher doses to the audience!

Beyond the philosophic and societal aspects, it deeply questions the link between this model of society and the antichrist system prophesized as being the order where appearance and reality are in opposition and where people lose meaning! Appearance becomes more important than the reality itself!

10 janvier 2021

What are the most-cited publications in the social sciences (according to Google Scholar)?

Drawing on citation data that spans disciplines and time periods, Elliott Green has identified the most cited publications in the social sciences. Here he shares his findings on the 25 most cited books as well as the top ten journal articles. The sheer number of citations for these top cited publications is worth noting as is the fact that no one discipline dominates over the others in the top 20, with the top six books all from different disciplines.

Source Impact of Social Sciences

8 janvier 2021

Top 20 Consumption Trends in 2021 Forecast | TrendHunter.com

7 janvier 2021

Is this what higher education will look like in 5 years? #WorldEconomicForum ##FutureSkills

  • Ipsos surveyed adults in 29 countries on how they see higher education being delivered in five years’ time.
  • The majority think the split between online and in-person learning that’s come about during the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay.
  • Respondents in China and Japan were most likely to see higher education being delivered mainly in person.
  • Just over half of the adults surveyed believe in-person learning is worth its cost.

In 2025, higher education will be a hybrid of in-person and online learning, according to a new Ipsos survey for the World Economic Forum. As a second wave of COVID-19 saw cases resurging across the globe in October, more than 27,500 adults in 29 countries were asked how they saw higher education being conducted in their country, five years from now.

Read the full article here

7 janvier 2021

Orange Data Mining! A tiny app with BIG ambitions & capabilities! #SNA #SocialNetworksAnalysis

7 janvier 2021

The new leader of the « free world »:) He could be a good president, he looks saner than his predecessors! #IdiocracyWasProphetic

4 janvier 2021

Martech Trends You Need To Know! #MarTech & #AdTech

3 janvier 2021

The American establishment invades/plots against poor nations to install/maintain by force similar type of clown dictators! Now the #DivineJustice offers the same exciting experience to America! #Honkhonk #EnjoyTrumpism

31 décembre 2020

Pi (1998)! The system reached the limit of mathematization & quantification! #AbstractionPeakLedToSystemicFragility #WhereSpirituality&TechnicityCollide?