19 avril 2020

Upcoming marketing conferences deadlines & call for chapters (updated)

By Yassine El Bouchikhi 

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2 décembre 2020

Most of the Arab regimes doesn’t represent their people nor have legitimacy like the Iranian power! #BlessedIsTheIslamicRevolution

Iran confirms that when Muslim nations are REALLY independent from imperial forces, they succeed despite sanctions! Iran is 3 times the size of Iraq with more than 80 million inhabitants and mountainous terrain! And above all a people who revere martyrdom for justice and dignity and are not afraid of the supreme sacrifice! Neither Israel nor its NATO sponsors, nor the despotic Arab puppet regimes will be able to achieve any victory unless they use nuclear strikes, and in this case, it will mean a world war because Russia and China will not remain inactive! They understand well the current hidden messianic agenda but they wait for the right moment to sink it!

2 décembre 2020

China continues to prove that it is already the new world super power! #China lands for the 5th time on the #Moon!

China relies on very solid foundations of science, innovation and industry!

1 décembre 2020

The excellent series made by #AndyField #DiscoveringStatisticsUsingSPSS&R #Fun&Knowledge

30 novembre 2020

There is much more dignity and honor in these Russian & Chinese condemnations than any Arab puppet dictator scared to speak or to anger his sponsors in the atlanto-zionist axis


29 novembre 2020

Solidarity with the Palestinian people. #PalestineDay

28 novembre 2020

By not condemning the state-sponsored-terrorist attack on an #Iran-ian nuclear scientist, the Moroccan diplomacy confirms it’s wrong choices and that it doesn’t represent opinions of millions of Moroccans! #Iran #Morocco

God bless the Islamic Republic of Iran! One of the bravest and smartest nations of the Muslim world and a source of pride for all of us!

As a Moroccan and member of the academic community, I condemn with the strongest terms the reckless state terrorism assassination perpetrated by Israel against an Iranian nuclear scientist in violation of international law and with the American hypocrite and disgraceful blessings! We know the biased and extremist position of the Atlanto Zionist axis and it does not shock us to see their double standards when using terrorist acts to kill scientists when it suits them! After all they are the ones that used proxy-terrorism in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and in many places to attack sovereign nations and try to achieve their fake messianic evangelical zionist corrupt dreams! But we cannot pass over in silence, the absence of condemnation and the shameful silence of the Moroccan authorities!

The terrorist assassination’s of the Iranian university professor Mohssen Zadeh is similar to the terrorist attack on the high school teacher (Samuel Paty) and worse, because it was planned and sponsored and the zionist entity is even boasting about it! Western regimes and some of their vassal clown regimes which do not condemn ALL terrorist acts (including this state terrorism by Israel), are in nauseating hypocrisy and show their double standards and absence of any sense of values or morality!

Hence, I dissociate myself from the political choices of the Moroccan regime which do not represent me as well as millions of people and no one has to suppress our voices, reduce us to silence or claim to represent us in a country where we cannot demand accountability to power nor have a political system to choose our representatives freely! So the minimum that can be done at this stage is to proclaim publicly that these foreign policy decisions and servile alignment are short sighted, immoral, shameful and will go down in the annals of history as a dark period for the Moroccan people, but which will eventually pass, I am convinced of that! Iran has two big qualities that unfortunately many arab and muslim nations lost:

  • A profound sense of sacrifice! Iranians will never surrender to arrogance and pressure
  • Dignity! A life without dignity and honor has no value! Humans are not cattle, and material possessions are not important if the price to pay is losing values and dignity!
Most of arab regimes have 0 legitimacy and are merely puppets appointed by a corrupt world order to oppress and silence populations! It will change, and Iran is giving an example of how resistance to arrogance is the only way to free our nations from foreign control and oppression!

Our generation and our children will not accept to live inside this corrupt, deceitful and collapsing world order or under their vassal’s control! We will live free on our land and with dignity! Change is already happening worldwide and it will not stop until the liberation objectives are achieved!

Dr. Yassine EL Bouchikhi

25 novembre 2020

1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets #TheDarkAges

Some example sof the greatest scientific advances from the Muslim world:

  • The elephant clock (mechanical precision engineering)
  • The first university in the world still in activity (Qarawiyine university, Fes, Morocco)
  • The camera obscura (foundations of modern camera and optical instruments)
  • Al-Idrisi’s world map (geography)
  • The Banu Musa brothers’ « ingenious devices »
  • Al-Zahrawi’s surgical instruments (still used today)
  • Ibn Firnas’ flying (modern airplane and aerodynamics)
  • Al khwarizmi (modern algorithms and information technology)
  • etc.
Saliba, G. (2007). Islamic science and the making of the European Renaissance. MIT Press.
Masood, E. (2017). Science and Islam (Icon Science): A History. Icon Books.
23 novembre 2020

Risques d’effondrements et résilience #AssociationAdrastia #Sustainability

22 novembre 2020

Managing Marketing Agility #AMA!

Is the hyper-inflation of imported jargon/terminology brought from computer science going to continue? Even to create the whole universe with all it’s diversity, God used 118 elements (table of elements), in marketing I counted more than 3000 concepts and measurements! So these concepts/jargon inflation is not a sign of progress, but a serious problem confirming a hyper fragmentation and the absence of sound foundations in the ongoing academic endeavor!

« Changes in the way customers shop, accompanied by an explosion of customer touchpoints and fast-changing competitive and technological dynamics, have led to an increased emphasis on agile marketing. This Journal of Marketing article investigates the emerging practice of marketing agility. »

The academic research has to ask go beyond superficial questions and wonder where research is headed and assess the present value of the academic output! If there are no reliable rules or methods, then there should be no pretention to claim it as a scientific discipline! It’s just going to be a sort of obscure articles to pet the academic egos!
Agile methods mean at the end trying and experimenting different things, like what the famous business author Thomas Davenport recommended some years ago!

Doing experiences to test what works! So it’s an « unofficial » recognition that academia failed to identify common rules/methods that guarantee some success (if they exist) to business! Importing new jargon from the IT, using complex statistical methods for models, or creating new concepts/measurement scales is adding more complexity and mess to the field, while what we need today is to restructure and search for the big picture! I’m sorry, I’m not judging the authors or their work, I’m sharing what i think about the total loss of meaning and purpose in the modern « research »! We are in the wrong lane dear friends!


19 novembre 2020

Research Culture is Broken; Open Science can Fix It | Rachael Ainsworth | #CrisisInAcademia #CorruptResearchCulture

After the increasingly toxic environment of modern research culture forced her to nearly abandon her career, astrophysicist Dr Rachael Ainsworth began to question why the subject she loved had become so inhospitable. Identifying some of the pressures placed on her peers that encouraged aggressive competitiveness, unfair benchmarking and shoddy research practices also helped her identify a compelling potential solution.

19 novembre 2020

Osez les low tech ! Pour une innovation sobre et durable

Effondrement de la biodiversité, destruction des sols, changement climatique, pollution généralisée : les indicateurs sur l’état de la planète virent au rouge. Les technologies « vertes » peuvent-elles vraiment transformer nos sociétés grâce à une nouvelle révolution industrielle, celle des énergies renouvelables, du numérique, des réseaux intelligents, de l’économie circulaire, des voitures autonomes et des nano-bio-technologies ? N’est-il pas risqué de soutenir des innovations consommatrices de ressources minières limitées ? Et s’il fallait explorer une autre voie et s’orienter vers une civilisation techniquement soutenable ? Partez à la découverte des Low tech, ces technologies sobres, durables et résilientes. Avec : Philippe Bihouix, Pierre-Alain Lévêque

18 novembre 2020

Present world mood … R.E.M. – It’s The End Of The World as we know it and I feel fine! #GoodByeDystopianSystem

We live in messianic times! Masses served as human resource to fuel the system wars, work as slaves and serve a hidden messianic agenda! Watch out how they are marketing Russia, China and Iran as the enemies to destroy! The brainwashing programs are everywhere to sell the narrative of an inevitable world war 3 to save freedom, peace, puppies and flowers! It’s just going to be a nuclear apocalypse! The ongoing wars are neither for humanist values, nor for peace, they are continuous aggressions on nations and neocolonial looting and it won’t end well!

15 novembre 2020

Fifteen Asia-Pacific economies to ink world’s largest free trade deal, RCEP to reshape global trading system

12 novembre 2020

Markets and consumption new megatrends by #TrendHunter amid the #Covid19 pandemic

10 novembre 2020

Gafam vs Batx who is the winner? The numbers are mind-boggling and #China is already ahead with the huge boost since the #COVID19 outbreak

Fabien M. Gargam 法毕安 on Twitter: "#1/3 As promised a week ago, here is the  context. 50 groups of Chinese students presented their works to me about  the similarities and differences between #
China’s Belt and Road Initiative is the real challenge of the century

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